I’m already in summer mode, so give me some summer jams you think I should know about 

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If I was there, if you were here,
the world could end, I wouldn’t care.
So wake me up never, please.
Lock the door and lose the keys.

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Mineral - If I Could 

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The Lawrence Arms // Great Lakes, Great Escapes

"I’ll take a chance and fall in love tonight."

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Saves The Day - You Vandal

My lungs are breathing open air
And my spleen is dripping from my pants
You’ve left me here in the cold
And I miss you

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When I see you drowning

I’ll dream a dream without you

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Sunny Day Real Estate  - Shadows

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The Weakerthans, This if a Fire Door Never Leave Open

And I love this place; the enormous sky,
and the faces, hands that I’m haunted by,
so why can’t I forgive these buildings,
these frameworks labeled “Home”?

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It’s Just A Party by Snowing 

Oh no, not again, I spent my last six bucks on whiskey and I sent a thousand texts that I regret.

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The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die — I Will Be Okay. Everything.

No, we aren’t ghosts. Even ghosts have a home to haunt.

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Six More Weeks of Winter || Grown Ups

“I wish it were warmer, so I don’t have to keep track of my coat.”

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Hightide Hotel - Porch Luck

And I don’t want you to answer my next call
It would just upset you