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Black Breath - Feast of the Damned

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So Rabia, Ryan, Kelsey and I were in Nathan’s kitchen at around 2am this morning, and we decided to form a new band. I sang and had my guitar, Rabia used the kitchen counter as a drum, Kelsey was hitting a plastic cup against the counter, and Ryan had taken a plastic soda bottle, filled it with tabs from beer cans, and hit it against the counter. 

Here is our rendition of “Stay Home” by Transit. 

We were sober. And totally in tune the whole time, obviously.


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Power Trip - “Armageddon Blues”

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If I was there, if you were here,
the world could end, I wouldn’t care.
So wake me up never, please.
Lock the door and lose the keys.

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Mineral - If I Could 

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The Lawrence Arms // Great Lakes, Great Escapes

"I’ll take a chance and fall in love tonight."

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Saves The Day - You Vandal

My lungs are breathing open air
And my spleen is dripping from my pants
You’ve left me here in the cold
And I miss you

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When I see you drowning

I’ll dream a dream without you

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Sunny Day Real Estate  - Shadows

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The Weakerthans, This if a Fire Door Never Leave Open

And I love this place; the enormous sky,
and the faces, hands that I’m haunted by,
so why can’t I forgive these buildings,
these frameworks labeled “Home”?

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Hightide Hotel - Porch Luck

And I don’t want you to answer my next call
It would just upset you